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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Water Them and They Will Grow: Our Florist Clients are Thriving

We are proud of our growing portfolio of florist clients who recognize that our custom floral Internet Marketing program has been a game changer for their strategic objectives in terms of growing their customers, revenue, and brand recognition.

Our portfolio includes Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Allen’s Flowers & Plants in San Diego, Peoples Flower Shops in Albuquerque, Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach, Allen’s Flower Market in Reseda, Veldkamp’s Flowers in Colorado and Flowerama in Columbus.

Incredible Results
  • Here are some of the quantitative results that we have produced for our florist clients since 2009:
  • 96,365 individual flower transactions produced
  • 27,070 Total sales conversions from paid search
  • 69,295 organic sales transactions

 Other results yet to be quantified but verified by our florist clients include:
  •  Immediate flow of sales transactions
  • Sustainable revenue growth
  • Steady lead stream
  • Greater call-ins and walk-ins
  • More organic placement opportunities in search engine results
  • Increased brand awareness 
Our Internet Marketing Gardening Techniques
These incredible results did not just come from chance or a few tactics thrown together. Instead, our Internet Marketing results for florists are due to extensive research of the florist industry and its target audience. Our research also has included understanding the key challenges faced by independent florists around the country.

Additionally, we have the extensive framework of knowledge, credibility, skills and certification to generate the results not to mention the passion and commitment to clients and their businesses. Our team understands what Internet Marketing tools and online advertising tactics work and how to enhance performance. 

This includes a comprehensive strategy of social media marketing, online advertising, content marketing, public relations and offline marketing tactics that complement each other and reinforce the kinds of messages that your target audience wants to hear.

Flyline Search Marketing also offers an incredible resources center that includes graphics services, website development and management, banner ads, email blasts and video development for YouTube channels.

Lastly, we offer exclusivity for our florist clients. This means we will only work with your flower shop business in your area rather than adding your competition as clientele. When you get our complete attention, you experience incredible results. Your business is our business, so you know that

If you are ready to experience incredible results for your flower shop like our other clients, contact us today to learn more and get started! We love to help businesses thrive!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What to Look for in a Website Hosting Service Provider

As a small business owner, you need to know that your website will be running around the clock to get all the customers you can. One website crash or error message and your customers or prospects may just move onto the competition. 

This is when you need a trusted website hosting service that will do the heavy lifting for you and you can focus on your business without worrying that your website is not doing what it is supposed to.
Question is, how do you know which website hosting service provider does what it will say? Here are some tips on what to look for in a website hosting service provider:
  • What kind of technical support do you get? You need a website host that offers 24/7 support.
  • Do they supply you with adequate backup in terms of disaster recovery? Make sure they are backing up their backups!
  • What is their uptime guarantee? You want to select a website hosting service that offers uptime of at least 99 percent or higher.
  • Do they have multiple backup locations? If one location goes down, then there is another that comes online immediately.
  • Is site accessibility easy enough to do? You want to make sure you can make changes to your website, such as creating new email accounts or changing server settings.
  • Does the website host meet the minimum requirements for blogging software like Wordpress? You want to be able to blog so make sure this is possible.
  • Do they offer shared hosting? This can save you money but it may not be something you need or want. If the option is there, this is important to some businesses.
  • Is there a clear picture of what you are paying for? You want to make sure you are not getting some sort of deal on a start-up rate only to be hit later with add-on costs that actually have you spending more on your website hosting plan than you should.
  • Will the website host be able to scale as you grow? It is important to know that they can accommodate additional bandwidth as you expand your business and website traffic picks up.
  • Does the company offer different plans to accommodate different types of businesses and budgets? There can’t be a one-size-fits-all website hosting service so make sure you find one that provides some options
Flyline Search Marketing has multiple website hosting plans that provide you with all these options and more. Contact us today to learn more!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What is LinkedIn and How Can it Benefit My Business?

While you may or may not be familiar with LinkedIn, this is a social media platform that you may want to consider for your business strategy. This blog post defines what this social media platform does and why it makes sense to add to your channels of engagement.

What is LinkedIn?
This social media platform is essentially a database of professionals that provides a way to categorize your professional career and business history by company and by your individual experience. It can also serve as a great search tool to find other
professionals and build a network that can help grow your business.

Why Does LinkedIn Benefit Your Business?
There are a number of ways that LinkedIn can help you and your business:
  • It helps raise awareness and furthers your brand image through a professional profile that builds credibility and trustworthiness. Once you have a professional profile, you can set up a company page, which can include information about your company and links to your website and social media pages. You can also raise awareness about your business by joining LinkedIn Groups where you can offer and get advice, share information and ideas, and build credibility within your industry.
  • It enables more people to find your business and learn more about you and it. LinkedIn pages do end up in search engine results, especially if you use specific keyword content in your profile, summary, and business description.
  • It provides market intelligence on other companies, including the competition. This helps you plan your marketing strategy and find those places where you can gain that competitive advantage.  
  • It puts knowledge and information at your fingertips that can help you improve how you do business as well as offers tools that assist with the marketing effort. LinkedIn Signal is a great place to start so you can see what type of information is available through this resource.
  • It connects you with other professionals you can trust and that may be able to help you with an aspect of your business or spread the news about your business. Being connected to other influential people will move your business forward, including brand ambassadors, employees, talent and more.
  • It creates momentum. As more people see the number of connections you are making, they will want to connect with you. It’s like when a crowd gathers. The more people there are, the more others want to know what is going on so they join. It is the same with your LinkedIn profile.

Are you ready to learn more? Flyline Search Marketing can help you set up and manage your LinkedIn profile. Contact us today to learn more.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Benefits of Internet Advertising

As a small business owner, you may have relied upon traditional advertising, including an ad in the Yellow Pages, newspaper, radio, television or billboard. These are definitely budget busters and impossible to do all at once due to the costs. 

Even worse is the fact that you cannot track your results so often you are not sure if it’s working. Then, there is the fact that you discover your target audience could, in fact, not even be using these channels anymore.

They are on the Internet, and you should be too. Whether your potential customers are looking locally or they need a product or service partner with broader reach, they are only considering those that they find online. So, if you are not there but your competition is, you are missing out.

Beyond that, there are many other benefits attached to Internet advertising:

Expanded Coverage
Online advertising reaches as far as the Internet if you want them to and that means around the world. Reaching more prospects increases your chances of converting them into customers.   

More Targeted
When you put an ad on a billboard, you are reaching everyone. That’s not necessarily helpful. You have a target audience you want to attract, so Internet advertising lets you specify only those prospects you want to reach. 

Compared to traditional advertising, Internet advertising is a great deal, especially for those of you that have small marketing budgets. You can get more for your money.

The Internet advertising programs available come with many metrics and measurements so you know exactly how each ad did or why it didn’t so you can change the ads as well as verify your actual return on investment.

It does not take much time to get Internet advertising started. Better yet, the speed at which it can deliver results beats traditional advertising hands down. 

Some clients have reported results immediately after posting their Internet advertising program. While this cannot be promised, it has happened and the results are faster than other channels.

More with Less
You can say a lot more with an Internet ad than a traditional ad because you are often limited in traditional channels due to the cost. Online, you can convey so much more within your ad.

A More Engaged Audience
Online advertising lets the audience talk back to you and give you feedback about your ad as well as your product, service, and company. This helps you to refine your marketing efforts and better understand your target audience. Today’s consumers expect to be involved so this opens the door to hear from them.

Brand Enhancement
Your brand can be enhanced by being seen by more people that can now recognize it and what it stands for. Your online advertisements help keep that brand at the top of their minds.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of Internet advertising for your business? Contact us now!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions for Health Clubs & Fitness Centers

Flyline Search Marketing has been designing Internet Marketing program specifically to support the marketing needs of health clubs and fitness centers with great results for all their efforts. Like all plans designed to increase performance, we have spent considerable time developing the best strategies that will achieve the greatest results.

Case Study: Anytime Fitness Center
The Anytime Fitness Center in Roswell, Georgia has served as a test site for the Internet Marketing program that is now being used for other health clubs. The program generated an immediate, steady, and sustainable stream of new membership leads over the course of the entire year.

Social media tactics were added to increase its overall brand awareness within the Roswell community. Finally, for the club to succeed over the long term they needed a solid website that was optimized for SEO. A blog was added and a PR campaign was started to position the gym so that they could grow their organic placement opportunities on major search engines.

While other gyms have tried things like direct mail, postcards, the Yellow Pages, print advertising and flyers, none of these tactics have delivered sustainable results like this Internet Marketing program.

Using Google AdWords
At the heart of our lead generation strategy is Google AdWords., which has prven to generate membership sales. Campaigns are run as Google AdWords display, text and mobile ads. These ads are supported by hundreds of geo-targeted broad, phrase, exact and negative match keyword phrases, which are all focused on delivering sales conversions for the club owner.  

 Some examples include Google AdWords campaigns to generate new gym membership leads, new tanning clients, group class participants, boot camp clients and sport specific and personal training clients. 

These ads are geo-targeted to make sure you only reach potential new members in your local area because they are the most likely to join a gym just down the street.

Increasing Brand Awareness
We offer a number of Internet marketing tools that help to build brand awareness, including numerous social media platforms. These include Facebook and Twitter, which have helped the gym owner to interact with his target audience and also gather information on what that audience is looking for in a fitness center.

Driving Organic Placement Opportunities
There is a very specific process that can increase your websites organic power. It starts with building an affordable and effective website that has a CMS administrative update tool for fast and easy new page additions as well as works well for page optimization, including set-up of unique meta tags for each and every page. 

The meta tags are established by our optimization strategists following Google best practice guidelines. Then there is the blog with relevant, keyword-driven content and a targeted Internet press release program.  

Are you ready to work with your very own Internet Marketing personal trainer who can add some muscle to your marketing efforts? Contact us now to learn about the various programs available for health clubs and fitness center to produce measurable results. Contact us now!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Internet Marketing – One of the Most Valuable Tools for Your Business

Internet Marketing is not a fad; it’s the strategy to take for your business in a world that is increasingly relying on the Internet to find products and services as well as make purchase decisions. 

Besides that value, there are many other reasons why Internet Marketing is one of the most valuable tools you can add to your business.

Brand Enhancement
Getting your brand out across the multiple online channels is a way to get awareness of your brand as well as enhance its reputation. You need to put your logo and business name where your target audience is now searching – the Internet.

Consumer Influence
More consumers than ever before are being influenced by their peers online through reviews and social media posts where they look to those they know and trust to guide their choices. 

If you are not online, you don’t know what they are saying about you and these influencers cannot share information about you. Having an online presence makes it easy to pass the word on about your products and services.

Cost Effectiveness
Compared to many of the traditional marketing channels, Internet Marketing is very cost effective, especially for the type of targeted results it delivers, the speed at which new leads are gained, and the capability of increasing revenues. There is a much higher return on investment for the fewer dollars spent, making it an ideal way for a small business owner to get more recognition.

Increased Website Traffic
Many of the Internet Marketing tools are designed to drive traffic to your website, including Google AdWords and social media platforms. This is a way to capture more leads and leverage a well-developed website as a means of converting those leads into sales. It also can help you increase online sales or encourage more consumers to visit your physical storefront.

Revenue Growth
Studies have indicated that Internet Marketing delivers a much higher rate of return for the dollars spent on this form of marketing in terms of the revenue growth achieved for that effort. 

Many small business owners have reported that this increase often occurs quickly after an Internet Marketing program has been implemented.

Around-the-Clock Availability
With an Internet Marketing presence, you are always open, which many consumers prefer with their busy schedules that often has them not traveling to a storefront to do business. You can be more accessible, which also increases your chances of more traffic and greater revenue.

Customization Possibilities
With traditional marketing, it is often difficult to customize the advertising messages by various segments of your target audience. With Internet Marketing, you can easily create a wide array of campaigns and issue those on the fly. You can also track the results in this segmented way as well.

Open and Interactive Communication
From landing pages, email blasts, and newsletters to status updates and blog posts, Internet Marketing offers so many relevant ways to connect with your audience and to have them respond. 

This feedback is also an invaluable aspect to Internet Marketing as it helps you understand your audience better in terms of what they want and what they are thinking about.

Elevated Credibility
Because content drives Internet Marketing, the information you can provide and share with your audience positions you as an expert in your industry. They need to know that you are a credible provider of a product or service solution. In addition to the content you provide, your brand ambassadors that write reviews and recommend you online can also help build that necessary credibility.

Want to know more about Internet Marketing and how it can work for you? Contact us today!