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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Water Them and They Will Grow: Our Florist Clients are Thriving

We are proud of our growing portfolio of florist clients who recognize that our custom floral Internet Marketing program has been a game changer for their strategic objectives in terms of growing their customers, revenue, and brand recognition.

Our portfolio includes Carithers Flowers in Atlanta, Allen’s Flowers & Plants in San Diego, Peoples Flower Shops in Albuquerque, Allen’s Flower Market in Long Beach, Allen’s Flower Market in Reseda, Veldkamp’s Flowers in Colorado and Flowerama in Columbus.

Incredible Results
  • Here are some of the quantitative results that we have produced for our florist clients since 2009:
  • 96,365 individual flower transactions produced
  • 27,070 Total sales conversions from paid search
  • 69,295 organic sales transactions

 Other results yet to be quantified but verified by our florist clients include:
  •  Immediate flow of sales transactions
  • Sustainable revenue growth
  • Steady lead stream
  • Greater call-ins and walk-ins
  • More organic placement opportunities in search engine results
  • Increased brand awareness 
Our Internet Marketing Gardening Techniques
These incredible results did not just come from chance or a few tactics thrown together. Instead, our Internet Marketing results for florists are due to extensive research of the florist industry and its target audience. Our research also has included understanding the key challenges faced by independent florists around the country.

Additionally, we have the extensive framework of knowledge, credibility, skills and certification to generate the results not to mention the passion and commitment to clients and their businesses. Our team understands what Internet Marketing tools and online advertising tactics work and how to enhance performance. 

This includes a comprehensive strategy of social media marketing, online advertising, content marketing, public relations and offline marketing tactics that complement each other and reinforce the kinds of messages that your target audience wants to hear.

Flyline Search Marketing also offers an incredible resources center that includes graphics services, website development and management, banner ads, email blasts and video development for YouTube channels.

Lastly, we offer exclusivity for our florist clients. This means we will only work with your flower shop business in your area rather than adding your competition as clientele. When you get our complete attention, you experience incredible results. Your business is our business, so you know that

If you are ready to experience incredible results for your flower shop like our other clients, contact us today to learn more and get started! We love to help businesses thrive!

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